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Quick Update

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Yesterday was a gallery / photo day.  For the morning I spent my time updating my HP Z3100 drivers on the Mac.  Go figure, as with many driver updates my printer stopped working.  Ah, so much fun.

Fortunately I’ve got the solution and will correct everything this morning.  And excuse my sarcasim….this is actually the first time I’ve had a driver update on Macintosh fail.  I think I’m bothered because I have A LOT of prints to finish!

At 2 p.m. Caden, Caitlin, Josh, & Tony showed up at the gallery.  We’d planned a quick trip to Yarnell.  Caden had heard about a cool little ghost town there and we’d been invited to go and take a few photos.  I’m glad I went with my friends, I needed to do something different, but the printer issue was on my mind the whole way!

Fortunately the ghost town was worth the visit!  Tony forgot his camera, but the rest of us were firing away.  Big fun.  I felt like we were following each other around…..seems like everyone wanted to setup in the same area every time.

So, today you finally get to see two new photos!  Personally I like the pickle barrel.  I didn’t check to see if any pickles were available though.

Well, that’s the wrap.  Gotta get to the gallery to work on the printer driver fix and start back into a ton of prints!

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