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A new heated water hose!

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Living full time in an Airstream offers “challenges” now and again.  After years of full timing I know them all.  But one that has annoyed me for years has to do with hooking up to a water source during the winter.

Years ago I learned from other full time RV’ers what to do about water during the winter.  Buy a heat strip, run it along your water hose, put insulating material over it.  Boom, you’re all set.

Or are you?

Each year I’ve found the heat strips burn out.  Or worse yet, they overheat and melt your hose.  That happened to me last year in Ohio.  Melted right through the hose.  I think it was a little over amped.

Well, I finally decided to look for a better solution.  And found one.  The Pirit 25 ft heated hose.  Same concept as making your own, but done professionally.  Sure it costs a few dollars more than assembling your own, but you know what?  It’s worth it.

Mine came in yesterday from Amazon dot com.  So far it’s working great.  If you’re an RV’er who is tired of assembling their own heated hose for winter camping, you might want to check this one out.


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  1. Is there anything you can’t find on Amazon??? I was just telling an RV-dwelling friend about your heat wrap solution since his line froze up with our week-long cold snap here in TX. I’ll have to pass along this solution since another arctic blast is scheduled to blow in later next week. Thanks for sharing Rich!

  2. Post

    There are MANY heated hoses offered on Amazon actually, and yes, it’s cool. Make sure to check that the hose is for human consumption, as several are not. That’s why I went with Pirit’s.

    In the end, the price isn’t too bad. A hose, heat strip, weather proofing, etc could run about $80….plus your labor and time. Like I said, I’d rather it was made by a pro!

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