A new permanent page on the site: My full photo gear list

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Finally, a nearly complete list has been compiled of what I use.  Instead of making it a post I decided to make it a permanent page that you can get to by clicking here!

The gear list will also be available on the “Pages” section located in the right column on the main page of this site.  While the list is nearly completed I ran out of steam at the end.  That means I popped the names of software packages and computers in, but I didn’t fill in anything I think about them.  It’s safe to assume though that I like just about everything mentioned on my gear list page.  If I didn’t like it I wouldn’t own it……right?  🙂

So, check out the new page when you have a chance…..

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  1. Nice – the 10-22mm is the first lense on my “wish list”! Good to see that added the most valuable item as the last item on the list.

  2. Post

    Tom, I think the 10-22mm would basically complete your lens selection. My key lenses going forward will be the 17-40, the 24-70, and the 70-200. That’s what will be with me 90% of the time (provided the 5D is along with me, not the 40D).

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