A non-scary dental visit….?

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Yes!  Non-scary!

The project we’ve been working on the past few weeks is almost wrapped up.  And now I’ll say a little more about it.  We’re shooting patients for Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale.  The name is a mouthful isn’t it?  🙂


A quick snapshot of the patient area after the office was renovated. The view out the window is real!

The owners, Michael & Jennifer Kelly, called me a few months ago about re-modeling their office and making some changes including client images.  I’ve known Jennifer since High School, and while I’ve been trying to steer business toward web design, database design, etc, I said yes to doing work for them.  They’re good people, and that goes a long way when working with someone.


The view from the office windows is amazing. It’s relaxing too. I started to doze off on Monday while back in “the chair.”

In addition to doing some work for them, some dental work is also getting done.  And I have to say, Michael is one of those rare professionals that really leaves you feeling comfortable after a visit with him.  And that’s something, especially after what happened to me back in 05 with that botched root canal that left an infection in me for 5 years.  When I think about dental work my mind goes right back to all the events that happened after that root canal, and the thought of dental work gives me the creeping willies.

It’s not like that with Michael.  This guy knows his business.  So much so that he does conferences and classes for other dentists.  He’s the guy teaching the other folks?  Yeah, he’s got to know his stuff.

If you live in Arizona and going to the dentist isn’t your favorite activity I have a simple suggestion.  Get in touch with Michael and Jennifer.  Go see them.  You’ll find out that a trip to the dentist doesn’t have to be uncomfortable at all.


This is not an image we’re using for the project. This was just a lighting test. See the gray card in the client’s hand? Yeah, I was just setting up. Great smile, right? One of Aesthetic Dentistry of Scottsdale’s happy clients.

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