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The spring time desert wind

Richard Charpentier Arizona Leave a Comment

In 2007 when I first arrived in Prescot, Arizona I was perplexed by the incredible winds.  During the spring time the winds can be pretty brutal here.

I remember April of 2007 I was sitting in the Airstream for a few hours watching movies and waiting for the winds to die down.  They didn’t.  And occasionally if you were there you would have seen me brace myself with both arms on the couch, waiting…..just waiting for the Airstream to roll over!  The winds shook it that hard.  And Airstreams are supposed to be aerodynamic.

Today in Black Canyon City the wind is blasting.  It was blasting yesterday too.  Crazy, just crazy.  Beautiful blue skies, some wispy clouds floating around, and winds that if properly directed could sandblast the paint off your car.

Ah, spring in the desert!  If you don’t see updates in the near future it just means I’ve blown away.

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