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A quick Monday post

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Well, this past weekend was definitely a quiet one! Decided to lay low, let the antibiotics do their work, etc, etc…….

Since it was a quiet weekend that means my little experiment that I’ve been talking about has been postponed.  March 14th I’ll get another chance at it, so be watching the blog a few days after to see the results.  Heck, I can’t wait to see the results.

That weekend will be interesting.  March 11th I’ll be loosing the tooth that has caused so many problems.  For a guy who has had very few cavities in his life, this one tooth sure has caused a lot of trouble.

I was hoping to have this squared away sooner, but things always seem to get in the way.  The paperwork regarding the extraction was not received according to the young lady I spoke with this morning.  It’s a shame too, as paperwork is oh so important……  See, last week after getting checked out again at Dr. Brimhall’s the front desk staff called to get me scheduled for the extraction.  Unfortunately, the woman at the other office would not take the information over the phone and insisted on the paperwork being sent over…….

Next day I called to see if it was received, and it wasn’t.  Calling Dr. Brimhall’s office I learned it was sent out……..  I called back again to the other office and was assured I’d receive a call the moment it came in.  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday….no call.  So I stopped in this morning.  A stack of mail was sorted in front of me, but nothing according to the young lady.  She called Brimhall’s office, and magically was able to schedule me without paperwork.  Very odd that she couldn’t do the same last week…..  🙁

For the past few months my regular dentist has had a new receptionist.  She’s anything but helpful.  I’m leaving his name out of this post because I feel he is a good dentist, but has the wrong person now serving as the greeter and scheduler.  When the whole re-infection started she blew me off, finally offered some other referrals, etc.  It went downhill from there when she scheduled a procedure too far out for anyone’s comfort, so I had to go to another office again.  Finally, with this issue, putting me out another week and a half, I’ve decided that this will be the last service I get with my dentist.  What a shame.  For a fact, I know several other people who have now had issues with the front desk at this office.  I fear business will be lost if the situation isn’t addressed.

Frankly, I wish Dr. Brimhall could do the whole thing for me, but he can’t.  Bummer.

So, I’ll get the extraction done next week.  The Cipro is starting to work, and maybe waiting a little longer is a good thing (that’s what I’m telling myself).  And not having it done this week means that the upcoming Workshop will have me at close to peak performance!  🙂

Beyond scheduling issues, things are okay.  Last week kept me busy at the gallery, and this week is shaping up to be busy as well.  More canvas to run.  More one on one classes.  All good stuff!

Well, there’s the wrap.  Apologies for a boring post.  Hey, can’t always be exciting new stuff, right?  😉

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  1. Be sure to tell the dentist about the bad receptionist. Otherwise, he may never know what’s costing him patients.

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