The Big Weekend Approaches

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Ian and his assistant putting the finishing touches on the new bar. The lighting is natural light through the windows camera left.

This weekend is just chock full of stuff……

For me, I’ll be at the Vulture Mine on Saturday, then Sunday here in town. The first HDR Workflow class takes place this weekend, and it should be fun! Of course, I’ll be missing some events in Prescott on Saturday……..

This weekend the Firehouse Plaza will be having a “BIG” event.  It promises to be the kind of event that’s standing room only.  So, if you’re in town you might want to stop on by to see what’s happening.  🙂

See, the 125th Anniversary of the Prescott Fire Department is this weekend.  And they’ve decided to hold their celebration at the Old Firehouse Plaza.  Hey, my gallery is located there!

The Firehouse Kitchen’s new owners decided to get in on the festivities, so there will be big doings all afternoon.  I believe that our section of Goodwin Street will be blocked off on Saturday.  Don’t worry, there’s parking in the Granite Street garage, right behind the plaza.

Ian "posing" for his big appearance on the blog.....

Coupled with the event will be the reopening of the newly expanded Firehouse Kitchen’s upstairs bar area.  My business partner Ian Russell has been up there for the last 2 weeks working hard to have the new bar ready.  See, beyond being an accomplished water color artist, Ian is also a licensed stone mason.  So he’s been busily working on the whole remodel / expansion for the guys at the Firehouse.

I’m sorry to miss the events on Saturday, but I’ll be having my own fun.  Sharing the Vulture Mine Ghost Town.  We’ll be covering all the buildings at Vulture and working on ways to deal with the extremes in contrast that the place has to offer.  Broken and open roofs, dark corners of buildings, poorly lit interiors with spikes of light coming in from random angles……  Yup, the Vulture mine is a great location to learn about HDR and other techniques to deal with extremes in lighting conditions!


So, if you’re in Prescott this weekend you’ll miss seeing me at the gallery.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop by the Plaza and the Gallery.  There’s going to be a good deal happening!

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  1. Gun-na miss you this year in Anza Borrego and so will lots of other folks, I’m sure. Good luck at Vulture and if I were in the Prescott area would join. Would be worth every penny!

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