A quick shoot with C S Fritz

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Many days ago (not many moons ago) C S Fritz dropped me a note (a.k.a. Casey).  He wanted a new fun profile picture.  Ah, another person opens themselves up for me to goof around a bit with the camera.  Poor, poor soul.  🙂

So of course I wrote back to him immediately and said I’d do a quick shoot for him.  It was too quick though.  We could have had more fun I’m sure.  But you know how it is….. work and life gets in the way.  He had a time constraint to get home with the family.  And I had another one of those days at the shop.  Busy busy!  All good though.  Never ever complain about being busy in today’s world.  🙂

Given the nature of Casey’s works I’ve got too many ideas.  We’ve got giant robots of course, then there’s the interesting takes on popular culture….not to mention he uses a ton of mixed media.  Spray paint is involved in some pieces, so spray paint cans were in my mind…….

The gallery / print shop were both buzzing today.  Regular clients, a few new print clients, folks browsing the gallery.  Ian was to be in by 2, giving us time to shoot for a bit.  Of course, when we got to the location I had in mind the sun was not being cooperative.  It wasn’t supposed to be there.  I tell you, the sun is always where it shouldn’t be and never where you want it.

We went with it anyhow.  I mean, you’ve got to.  You’ve got a time constraint, right?

I had all these little concepts.  Spray paint cans, looking innocently away from a fresh tag on a building, a chimp and a motorcycle…..and so much more.  While motorcycles are everywhere, chimps are not.  So, scrapped that idea.  Oh, and it would have been super cool if the chimp had a Fez.  I know who’s got a Fez, and I know they would have loaned it.

Talking to Casey while we shot I got a little more insight to what he does.  Now, this is a guy who does art that really catches me.  I remember walking into the Raven months ago and seeing Giant Robots all over the walls.  And I was wowed!  Yes, I’m a cartoon fanatic.  Yes, I’m an anime junkie.  Is there something wrong with that?  I mean, have you seen what’s on TV?  Honestly, I’ve barely seen what’s on TV, but amazingly enough the little I’ve seen tells me it’s all the same as it was 5 years ago when I last saw cable.  What’s new and original?  Cartoons and anime……

Tell me I’m wrong on that count.

To continue……  Seeing Casey’s work at the Raven I was blown away.  It was FUN!  You know, people can actually have fun with art.  It’s not a crime.  It doesn’t have to be super serious, super dark, downright scary, or in line with what folks would call the “masters.”  It can be your own thing.  Casey has got his own thing.  And for a lot of people, it works.

I do remember in elementary school an art teacher who took the fun right out of art class.  Oh, and the class was mandatory.  So when the life was drained right out of the class I decided art wasn’t for me.  That stuck with me for a long time.  Now I deal with artists every day.  Hmmmmm……..  Guess I didn’t have to do art “her way.”  Wonder what she does now?

Casey has said that he, “draws like a 3rd grader,” and his website is http://patheticmind.blogspot.com/.  He does cartoons, and he does fun pieces on big canvas.  Is it art?  Heck yeah, and more fun than what a lot of people make of art.  I can’t even draw like a 3rd grader because I scrapped it all in 2nd grade.  So, he’s majorly one up on me.  🙂  Okay….even if I drew into 3rd grade I don’t have the type of angle Casey does.

His work is something that just makes me grin.

So, with all of that in mind, that’s what I went for today with our quick 1 hour photo shoot.  It’s like one hour developing, only with light stands, cameras, and trucks trying to run my light stands over.

I’ve barely started editing.  No time, no time!

Of course, wanted to toy with a few photos just for fun.  A few ideas, and wanting to cartoon Casey.  I’ll keep working on it.  I’ve got a lot of images, little time, and I’ve barely scratched the surface…….  But I’ll update as the work progresses.  🙂

Maybe someday I’ll try my hand at drawing again.  You know, giant fleets of space ships, wookies, R2-D2, light sabers…… how many folks want their own light saber?  I do!  Ah well, maybe I’ll just stick to toying with photography.

Oh, PS……  Recently Zack Arias totally picked on himself for his old photos back in school of a musician.  Standard stuff according to him.  Dude with a guitar and a brick wall.  And here I am, photos of a guy with brick walls.  However, this guy does use spray paint here and there, and I thought walls might just be appropriate.  Sure, canvas too, but why not walls?  So, maybe I’m a total goob for the brick walls today, but I’m my own kind of goob for doing it!  🙂  I’m sure my old art teacher hates this post.  🙂

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