Make it big

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From giant robots in the last post to giant prints in this post.  Everything is going big this week!

Next week Fann Construction will be celebrating an anniversary for the business.  It’s always nice to hit the big milestones, and they’re hitting one.  So, as part of their celebration next week they requested some HUGE prints.  All on glossy, all mounted to hang together as sets.  Pretty cool concept.

Last night the final CD of all the images for Fann were dropped off with me, and this morning I’ve loaded up the Canon IPF8300 with 240gsm gloss and I’m already rolling out the prints.  The big question in my mind…..  Can I finish them all today?  Maybe.  The Canon is fast.  However, we’re talking a ton of images in the 48×32″ zone!  Big.

So, we’ll see how the Canon performs with a full day of printing.  So far so good, I’m on the 4th 48×32″ right now!

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