A Saturday Post from Borrego Springs

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The most important update…..

The local grocery store does have TP in stock.  A whole aisle.  I swear, last year we could find none.


Now, on to the business of the post.  Busy day here!  Kesley, Mike & I ran around the area a good bit.  A run out to “The Slot” in Hawk Canyon, a quick trip to the overlook here in the park, and then a short walk into Palm Canyon.

Of a personal nature, the Slot really got to me last year.  Hiked in with no troubles and started making my way in with Sadira.  Suddenly the thought occurred that I was glad I wasn’t claustrophobic….and magically I became claustrophobic.

Guess what?  It hit again today.  I had to make my way out of the slot canyon 3 times.  4th time was the charm.  Kesley came back and pushed me to go further in.  I’d asked her to do that prior to going to the canyon.  Explained last year’s “scare” and that I needed to get further in there and get through the weird and new phobia.  Never had an issue prior.  And I did pretty well, altough still not toally comfortable!


After our hike through the slot we headed back toward the park.  We stopped for several photos of course, then headed home.  Lunch and a nap!


When the naps were through I hit the shower in the Airstream, Kesley used the park shower.  I don’t know if Mike showered or not.  Just saying…..  😉

The rest of the afternoon we stayed close to camp.  A short hike into the canyon, and some ideas for shooting tomorrow.

Well, gotta get back to visiting.  🙂

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  1. Rich, we were just thinking of you these days. Sandown, New Hampshire is going to get more snow on Sunday,(15inches). Would love to be were you are right about now. Give us ring or an e-mail. Love all the pictures.
    The Olsen

  2. Incredible Slot Canyon and ocotillo photos.
    Bill showed me the flower ID program he loaded into the Ipod, fun. Nap taking is truly a joy on camping trips. Are there any other Airstreams there other than yours and Mike’s?

    Have fun celebrating Spring,

  3. The flowers are quite beautiful. I think they would freeze here even in March. Bbbbrrr again tonight 🙁

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