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Post #200 – Wildlife in Anza Borrego

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bhsheep-1I just noticed as I was setting up to post that this will be post #200 on the new website.  Pretty fast!  The old site was almost at 1,000 before the hacker incident!

Let’s get the big one out of the way.  Big Horn Sheep.  Yeah, my first visit to A-B was in 2007.  Then I returned in 2008.  Both years not a single big horn sheep was captured by me.  Well, I fixed that today, although you’ll barely notice it.

As we made our way down Palm Canyon a large group of people were looking way up into the rocks.  Kesley was among them with her binoculars, and a sheep was spotted.  I put the pack down, swapped lenses, and then scanned for the sheep.  Heck, I couldn’t see it.  By the time I found it the sheep had settled down and hidden his face behind a bush!  Thanks a lot sheep.

The photo included document’s sheep butt, the curve of it’s horns, and a bush hiding the face.  Hey, I finally got one even if it isn’t a “wow” type of a photo.  Just wanted to get one!


Big news on the animal front.  I met many Kangaroo Rats.  These little guys got our attention the other night.  At first I thought they were gerbils.  Heck, I wasn’t sure what was scampering around the picnic table……


By the way….the Kangaroo Rats seem to like Tostitos….  Odd, but true.  So, we gave them a few crumbs in exchange for a few photos.  Fair trade if you ask me.

humm-1In addition to elusive big horns, & greedy little hopping rats, there are also many birds here.  Tons of humming birds.  They seem to make appearances everywhere.  And what’s really cool….they sit still sometimes and pose!

By the way, Bert Gildart got some great humming bird photos the other week while visiting this park.  Humming bird babies being cared for was on his agenda.  Nice shots.  Take a quick visit to his site if you want to see the shots!

There’s the wrap for the animals so far.  I’ve still got 5 more days, so I’m hoping I can do better with the big horns.

Time for a nap now.  Palm Canyon this morning and then a quick trip into Coyote Canyon with Mike just a little while ago.  I’m spent!

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  1. Thank goodness you got that new lens! 😉 I hope those nasty sheep make more appearances soon…

    The Kangaroo Rats are also very cute, but I’m worried about them eating the Tostitos…I’m not sure that’s on their safe diet list…but could you bring one home anyway? Meena is looking over my shoulder and thinks they would make a lovely companion…

  2. Ah! The kangaroo rat. Their renal function is often cited in biological textbooks. Amazing little critter.

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