Oak Creek Canyon in the fall

A “stare and compare” moment by request: Coyote Buttes Paw Hole photo as is versus Topaz Detail and Photomatix HDR

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As readers know, I do follow up on requests when I can.  And I’m following up on one right now!

This morning a commentor asked for a three way battle, and I’m providing it.  While sorting images this afternoon I came across one that I really liked.  And I like it just the way it is…..which led me to ask, “What can you do with this image?”

What I did was this:  Exported the image as is for your review.  Next I created an HDR from 3 exposures of the scene, 100% Strength, 70% saturation, High Light Smoothing, and that’s about the bulk of it.  After doing an HDR I finally exported the original to Photoshop CS4 as a smart object, and then I used Topaz Detail and the blue sky setting to start my work.  Detail enhancement, toned down the blue sky adjustment, and backed off the over saturation.

The results?  Well, you tell me.  The HDR and Topaz Detail adjustment were both extremely quick.  I spent less than 5 minutes on each just to give a “by the seat of your pants” type of a pass at each.  Honestly, I really like the original on its own!  Maybe a slight tweaking down the road, but not much.  But hey, take a look at the adjusted images and draw your own conclusions.  Remember, I spent no time, this is a quick “how do they stack up” type of a posting.

stareandcompare (3 of 3)

The original "as shot" image. What an amazing place!

Topaz Detail's "Blue Sky" setting, backed off the saturation and added some additional small detail

stareandcompare (1 of 3)

Photomatix HDR. Not super heavy handed, but definitely an HDR

Well, there you go.  A few quickies to get the mind running.  Which one do you like?

Oh, and for those who want to know, yes, this image is from Day 2 of the trip.  Sneak peak inside Paw Hole.  Do you love the scene as much as I do?  Ah yes, the wonders to be seen in this world!

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  1. Shot #2 is my favorite. The horizontal detail in #3 is a distraction. BTW, I got my first pair of Chaco sandals from REI on sale. I love the comfort and support that they provide.

    This weekend is the Harvest Moon, aka, the Chinese Moon Festival. It is a time to appreciate lunar beauty and hope that friends and family, who live afar, are sharing the moment at the same time.

  2. Post

    Ah, you picked the Topazed version…….

    Gosh, I’m feeling like this is some type of secret blind fold test for coke and pepsi. Of course, I’d pick orange soda, and it’s not even part of the test!

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