A talk on “stylized” images tonight

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Over the past few years I’ve done presentations for local camera clubs.  Tonight, one more!

Now normally I’ve done very specific topics.  Introduction to HDR, Using Lightroom in your Digital Workflow, and other such stuff.  Tonight I’m going a little non-specific.  This time around we’re going to talk about the giant mish-mash that is creating stylized images.

If there’s a photographer in Prescott who has an interest in editing images, it’s me.  HDR Efex, Photomatix, OnOne, Topaz, Lightroom, Photoshop……  I use them all.  And what I use them for is creating stylized images.  Be it an HDR, a composite, toning up a landscape………  Stylized images are fun for me.  So we’re going to cover it all tonight.

Normally my presentations are “how to’s.”  This one is going to cover more about all the possibilities, and less of the how to.  I think it should be an interesting evening!


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