No photo walk for me this year

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Weeks and weeks ago I’d posted that the 4th Annual World Wide Photo Walk was announced.  I submitted to do the walk but got no response…….  For weeks, no response at all.  So, I resubmitted.  Nada.

And recently I found out why.  Someone else had put in for the Prescott Photo Walk in between my first and second submissions.  So there you go.  Which is all good too as I’ve decided to take a much needed real vacation.  By real vacation I mean a full week starting October 1st.

This year’s photo walk will be led by Shirlee Smith.  You can find out more about her walk by clicking here.  And guess what?  There’s still plenty of room on the walk if you’d like to come along.  The walk is going to take place over at Lynx Lake.  The temperatures are fantastic, great hiking weather all around, so you should have a GREAT time.  Looking at the walk page this morning there are still 26 slots open.  So what are you waiting for???

Now, for my part I will be disappearing October 1st since I have no obligations.  I have a travel plan in mind.  But we’ll see what happens.  I’ve got to get in touch with a few folks who’ve suggested places to visit and see if they’re still viable.  Where am I going?  Yeah, sorry, no telling.  You’ll have to watch the blog for images and posts.  🙂

I’m hoping to get as relaxed as the scene above!

So, clients……if you need something done you’ve got until Friday!  🙂

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