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So, we won’t name names to keep all parties involved happily anonymous…….

Talking to another photographer here in town we discussed the number of folks out there offering professional services at below professional quality.  The photographer I talked to recounted a story that just happened to them.

Apparently a friend of a friend contacted the photographer regarding an assist.  The person (who the photographer didn’t know) is starting up into their photo career and they have a wedding to shoot.  So, they contacted my photographer friend to request the loan of some equipment for the wedding shoot.  Guess the new photographer really isn’t equipped yet to do wedding work……..

My reaction?


I can only hope for the wedding party’s sake everything goes well.  The whole idea of signing up to do a job you don’t even have the proper equipment for reminds me of the Fauxtographer concept.  As a person who has spent years and years working up to the point where I feel comfortable offering portrait services, I feel a little insulted by folks who think a shiny new DSLR and a lens are all you need.

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  1. I feel really bad for the bride. One of the most important days of her life and she may well end up with schlock for her wedding album.

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