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A walk through the Ian Russell Gallery

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For weeks I’ve meant to photograph pieces in the gallery.  We’ve got several interesting artists hosted at the gallery, and the stuff they create needs be seen!

So, before heading into work I took a quick drive by the gallery yesterday.

Oh, I also stopped in because I wanted to take a look at the prints we created on Monday.  Just so happy with the quality!

On a walk through of our little spot I think that the average person probably misses out on at least one or two artists.  We’ve got several interesting jewelry makers for instance, and their stuff is displayed in a pretty wood case in the center of the store.  What I’ve seen tells me that people walk around the case, but they don’t look in it.  Got to work on that one, or at least point it out to everyone.

There are of course “stand out” pieces that everyone sees.  One artist that you can’t miss is Gary Persello.  Gary has several of his bronzes displayed with us, and you just can’t miss them.  After learning the time it takes to create a bronze I can promise you it will never become a hobby for me.  I’ll stick to photos and making prints thanks!

Beyond Gary we have many other folks hosted.  Rick Geib for instance is another bronze artist. Rick creates interesting sea creature scenes that you have to see for yourself.  He’s another nationally known artist that has decided to work with us.

As I walked through the gallery I found myself taking a lot of pictures.  There’s so much to see, and I personally have looked at the detail of every piece in the shop.  The bronzes of course, functional pottery, raccu pottery (totally mis-spelled that), hand carved wood pieces, other flat art, and a super cool kalidascope (a new artist with us) all caught my attention, and a moment or two with the lens.  Too much to see all at once, and too much to display on one blog entry.

My plan going forward is a simple one.  I will try to feature two artists per month on the blog to let you know who I’m working with.  See, the gallery has opened up a whole new world when it comes to meeting interesting people with their own visions.

Of course, I still have my own vision for what we’re doing at the gallery.  Sure, I want to sell my own prints.  That’s part of my goal.  But the bigger goal for me is creating reproductions for other local artists with the new printer.

Hey, that’s probably why I got the printer.  Getting it for Ian and I only wouldn’t make much financial sense at all.  But getting it with the intent of working for others made a ton of sense.

On that note I’ve got to say I’m going to be very busy over the next few weeks.  Multiple clients are scheduled to come through tomorrow to check out the printer, the recent prints, and to talk to me about pricing for canvas prints.  Ah yes, the price sheet I haven’t finished yet!  What fun!

So, as a warning, the blog may be a little more sporadic.  Between the “tie over job” and the gallery I’m going to be a very busy guy.  After all, this time next year I’d like to be referred to as a high end wide format art printer for Northern Arizona.  I think I’ve got my niche here in Prescott.  Now I’ve got to make it work!

With that I’m going to wrap up the post.  Breakfast, then a quick trip to the gallery again before work.

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  1. Um…that last picture makes the room look so tidy and spacious…how funny (seeing as I know there’s a bucket with fake mops lurking around there somewhere 😉 )

  2. I understand, Rich. Blog when you can. I can always catch you in my reader.

    Thanks for featuring artists on your blog. I’m so excited about your gallery life!!!!

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