A big nod to B&H Photo Video

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The other week I described my initial troubles with receiving the new gallery printer.  Damaged in shipping, having to send it back, etc.  Not an enjoyable experience.

When I first called in to B&H Photo Video after their vacation time I didn’t get a great answer.  When the printer would arrive with them was still up in the air, most likely due to their vacation time.  The person I followed up with seemed a little dismissive, and I was beyond disappointed.  The initial issues were posted on this blog.

I’d promised to follow up on the rest of the story, and that’s what today’s post is about.  I’m glad to say that B&H stepped up in a big way, and I’m satisfied with the final response.

The day after my first follow up regarding the printer and it’s arrival time I received a message on the blog and a call from a B&H representative.  After a little phone tag I finally got in touch with Jacob, and he explained the whole situation and where we were at.  Honestly, that’s what I wanted on the first follow up call.  So I was glad to get that.

Jacob worked directly with HP to arrange a drop ship of a new printer from their facilities to me.  It still took a little time, but it would be faster than shipping to their location and then shipping to me.  That’s not their standard practice, so they went above and beyond to get me back to being a happy customer.  And I’m glad they did.  I’ve used their service for so many years, and I’ve come to rely on them for things I can’t find anywhere else.

So, in the end I’m pretty happy with B&H once again.  My initial issue was more related to how dismissed I felt on that “after vacation” follow up call, especially given how important the printer was to our new business and how much it cost (not to mention the shipping cost).  I’m glad they helped me every way they could.

Still, going forward, I’ll always be a little nervous about buying “big” items and having them shipped in by anyone.  The first printer was pretty toasted on arrival, and it sure did drop my faith in the shippers.  Ah well, happily I don’t have to worry about big stuff for the next few months!

Thanks B&H for being the company I thought you were all along!

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