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Hmmmm….I’m officially an Airstreamer.  I once was officially an economist, network engineer, hiker, cyclist, windsurfer, etc.  What’s official now?

Several things.

I’m officially over my stomach meltdown from the weekend!  If something hit me I’d say it was the size of a 747.  Friday is a fuzzy memory.  Saturday I kept passing out.  Sunday I could stand again, but not for long.  And today I’m officially back in the human race!  Nice to be back and among all of you once more.

Oh, and just so you know, the first photo is from the perspective of a guy who’d been on an Airstream couch a little too long over the past few days!  Please excuse the mess, but I wasn’t feeling well at the time.  Actually, I think during one of my lucid moments on Saturday I tried to figure out a setting on my flash, and that’s where the picture came from.

Now, onto other official things……

Today is the first day I really consider myself officially in business.  Yes, I know, “Grand Opening” of the gallery occurred several weeks ago, my photos have been selling, etc.  And yes, the printer arrived last week all nicely packaged up with no gaping holes in the side or gremlins living inside of it.

So, why am I officially in business today?  Simple, the printing has begun!

Since I finally crawled out of the sick bed today I thought I’d spend a little time at the gallery.  Not all day mind you.  I’m still pretty spent from the stomach bug.  Fortunately I have a nice chair and a desk at the gallery, a fridge near my work area, a microwave too, and the gallery is NOT the Airstream (feeling a little housebound).

Not long after I arrived at the gallery Ian showed up as well.  He was planning on doing some framing.  My plan was to do a little more testing of the Z3100, playing with different papers, and calibrating colors for paper types.  Since Ian was around I decided to experiment with his files on the printer.

In total we did 5 gallery wrap canvas prints today.  2 different types of canvas were used, and prints from 2 different artists.  Ian now has 2 new canvas pieces to frame and David Riley (a painter that is hosted in our gallery) has 3 new prints to “wrap.”  Oh, and David’s pieces are already sold!  There’s a how do ya do!

So, my first official canvas print customer came and went today.  And I didn’t even over exert myself.  I sat in my happy chair, processed files, corrected a few file issues from the scans provided, and then did an amazing thing…..  Produced color accurate prints on 2 different materials back to back.  We checked the prints against the originals and they matched every time.  I’m really digging this HP printer, and I’ll write more about that on another post.

Bottom line…..we’ve got a print business!  Ian was thrilled with his prints as well!  David was wowed!  I was wowed!  Nice when things work so well.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better. 🙂 Also glad to hear that you are having success with the printer.

    Any plans for a website with some pricing layouts?

  2. Post

    Website? Setting up price lists online? Hmmmm….I just don’t know that “techie” stuff so well! 😛

    Lists will be up soon on my main site. The initial lists are available at the gallery.

  3. I’m so happy you’re feeling more like yourself…it was hard to watch you be so sick, probably not as hard as it was to actually BE sick…but you look as if you’re on the mend again 🙂

    Congrats on the new printing…it is exciting that it’s going so well! I can’t wait to see the new prints on the canvas…if it wasn’t for all that darned knitting 😉

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