A week of Flash

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No, not Adobe Flash. We’re talking strobes here this week at the Airstream Chronicles.

See, while putting up with last week’s storms made for a boring time, I had to do something. What do you do with yourself when you’re bored?

Play with Speedlights.

Now regular readers will know, I do landscapes, ghost towns, old buildings, etc.  What you don’t normally see here are people photos, or flash photos.  So why the heck do I have a 580EX II and a 430EX II, Radio Poppers, and an ST-E2?

Simple answer……

“The Digital Photography Book Volume II.”  When I read this book the other year I got super inspired to try something different.  Kelby’s books always do that to me.  But then the inspiration fades, you do what you normally do, and work distracts you.  So I’ve never gotten around to really getting good with my flash gear.

That changed last week.  I played with a single strobe, then multiple strobes, then wireless setups, and finally I toyed with creating different light levels in different areas of the Airstream.  Oh yeah, I really messed around.

Now, I’m no flash expert.  But I’ve got a better handle on the gear now.  In addition to my own playing I also watched several training videos from Joe McNally, and I’m even more excited.  I can see why people become “strobists.”

So, tune in later this week.  I’ll talk about each of my experiments.  There might even be a podcast coming out of all this stuff!

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