What is it with me and windows?

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Looking into one of the rooms in Vulture.

No, not Windows the operating system. I know what my issue is with that…… 😉

I’m talking about photographs through windows. While waiting on a client this morning I started looking through the recent Vulture shots, and then I started looking through older images too. You know what? I seem to like taking photos through windows. Broken windows, new windows, old windows…….

Weird, eh?

Thinking back to images I shot last year I can come up with way too many windows I’ve shot through.  Not all of the images made the blog, but I guarantee you, I shot through a ton of windows.

Are you looking for examples?  Well, let’s think back to 09′ for a moment, shall we?

  • Shooting into Dot’s Diner through a window.  Love that shot as you can see tree reflection in the glass around my lens which is pressed up to the window.

    There's a window here, but you can't see in. Hmmmm....still, there's a window. 🙂

  • Same scenario with the Highway Diner in Winslow.
  • Too many windows to count in Vulture.
  • Several windows at Twin Arrow, and another gas station right down the road along Route 66.

Do I have more examples?  Sure, but I think you’re getting the idea.

Thinking about photos that other people have shot I find that I like windows there too.  Love portrait shots with people looking out windows, and even better, seeing what they see.  So, there’s a windows fixation going on here.  I’ll have to see what I can do with it in the coming year!

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  1. You know how some people produce wildlife calendars, landscape photo albums, and even architecture coffee table books? The same could be done for “windows”…sort through your archives and pick out your 12 best or favorites – compile an album on LuLu or Blurb and put it in the marketplace! After all, you never know…your windows may be someone else’s soul… 🙂

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