A whole day of a lot of thinking

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Don't worry, this isn't a serious shot. What the heck was I doing with my right hand???

Yesterday was Monday.  The one day a week that the gallery is closed.  However, I had two clients for the day with scheduled appointments.

Both canceled.

One resolved their web question on their own, the other called me to let me know he’s got some kind of flu brewing.  Yeah, that’s something to avoid, and I’m grateful to be spared contact with whatever little virus he’s got.

That left me some time for the day.  A real grocery run, resupply on Puff’s Plus and hand sanitizer for what’s already shaping up to be an odd “cold” season, and then I had time.  Time to think about a great many things.

Several hours were dedicated to re-inventing the wheel.  One of my web client’s former designers didn’t keep original files for their flash splash screen.  And I’ve got to reconstruct a few 3D spinners.  I never realized how hard it is to match 50 frames of spinning discs with very specific dimensions and coloring, not to mention figuring out the font used on the spinners.  This seems to be becoming the “forever” project.  Oh, and no, I’m not billing my clients for reinventing the wheel (or disc in this case).  I’ve got a lot of time into it, and it’s unfortunate they weren’t provided with everything that went into their initial web development (I’ve inherited this site).  So, a few more hours went into figuring out the best way to deal with 3D animations.  Lots of thought there.

I also spent some time pondering while sitting on the doorstep of my Airstream.  See, I’ve had this idea in my mind about an Airstream shot.  Not with me as the model.  Good lord, nobody’s going to really dig that image.  But I did use myself as a test subject for setup, lighting, angles, and the whole shebang.  After looking through many test shots I came to one conclusion…….

It’s much better that I remain behind the camera. 🙂

About an hour was spent on setup and shots, repositioning, and considering what lighting would look cool.  The next step?  Find somebody better suited to being in front of the camera.

It’s funny, running through possibilities about a shot is something very different for me.  I can figure out landscapes and architecture really easy, but when it comes to popping people into a scene I’ve got some more learning to do.  Some additional thinking as well.

In addition, the picture I want to take with the Airstream?  Yeah, still working on that.  Tight in, far out, wide angle, remove the chairs, sunrise, sunset, wireless strobes, fuzzy pink slippers…….?  All still up in the air.  The poor person(s) that participate in this one will most likely be driven insane by me.  But I’ve got an idea in my head, and I’d like to see what I can do with it.  As for the final results once I’m done pondering?  You’ll just have to check back in.

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  1. Hey Rich, I didn’t know you were doing web work as well. If you ever have a need for any SEO / SEM proposals let me know.

    Hope you’re well,


  2. the mickey mouse pose in the airstream would be interesting, but PLEASE leave out fuzzy PINK slippers 🙂

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    Tombo, there will be no Mickey Mouse. I am ever so sorry……

    Here’s what I need. Someone to model, thinking fuzzy slippers, big hair curlers, fuzzy bathrobe…..

    You up for it Tombo? 😉

  4. Rich, I’m up for just about anything. If you happen to have the fuzzy stuff and hair curlers I’ll gladly don them in search of the perfect image.

    You can name the piece: ‘Confused Youth’. Seriously though… I’d do it.
    .-= Tombo´s last blog ..Neat video =-.

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    Awwww, Jodi, come on. Fuzzy pink slippers with PINK FLAMINGOS, a can of Black Label Beer, and a fuzzy bathrobe….. 🙂

    Tombo, I’m not sure how we’d affix the hair curlers to you…….. Hmmmmmmm….

  6. You can use fuzzy purple slippers, a fuzzy purple bathrobe, and purple rollers no pink, no pink. Blue is a pretty color too. Oh yeah, no cheesy plastic flamingos either :)You aren’t in Florida 🙂

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    Ah, but I am an Airstreamer……and all Airstreamers have cheesy plastic flamingos. I have a pair near my Airstream at this very moment. And they’re happy to be with the Airstream! 🙂

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