Abandoned Arizona – A Collection of Favorite Images From Abandoned Places

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Well, I’m testing out a new idea using “MagCloud.”

Several years ago I purchased Zack Arias’ publication for his OneLight Workshop on MagCloud and I was very impressed. The quality of the publication, accurate color, and slick feel of the magazine style publication really got my attention. And I wanted to do one of my own. Actually, I’ll be doing 3 of my own. “Abandoned Arizona” is the first of 3 collections. It contains some of my favorite Ghost Town photos I’ve taken over the years, as well as a few other abandoned places.

The publication is a 36 page perfect bound soft cover publication, and it’s also available as an E-Book, and available for Mag Cloud’s IPad app. If you’ve dug my ghost towns over the years, check it out. The holidays are coming up, and this might be a nice gift for ghost town lovers in your own family!

By the way…..I just received my copy today.  The quality and color reproduction are really beyond my expectations.  So, if you’ve ever wanted even one of my ghost town images this is worth it.  40 of my favorite images from abandoned places in one complete volume!


Abandoned Arizona

By Richard Charpentier

36 pages, published 9/18/2013

Abandoned Arizona contains a series of my personal favorite images from the Ghost Towns and abandoned spots in Arizona. This collection was compiled from 2008 through 2012.

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  1. I clicked on your link to the MagCloud site, and got a message that it only supports FireFox, Safari, Chrome and IE9. Those of us still using XP are out of luck.

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