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10 months ago I got a call from an old friend regarding a contract opportunity.  So, I quickly packed up the Airstream and headed to WV / OH.  Arriving on December 4th I found the area to be cold, gray, and pretty chilly to be living in an Airstream.  But the one thing I could say on the positive side was the pay would be good, and it would help me get out of debt from the failure of my business quickly.

During the course of my time here I learned some things about myself.  I hadn’t been out of the tech business too long as some recruiters had told me.  In fact, I’m still a brilliant database designer and administrator.  Network engineering is still in my blood too, and I haven’t lost a beat.  And working in corporation on somebody else’s schedule isn’t bad at all.  Working in my own business for years hadn’t broken my work ethic.  In fact, I was productive beyond my own expectations.

All good!

So why 10 months later am I preparing to head west once more?  A few years at this pay level would have me buying a home again, new vehicle, investments, etc.  Have I gone completely off the reservation?

I don’t think so.

Pay isn’t everything.  Work and personal life have to be balanced.  And I can’t do that here.  Not even come close to that.  There is no personal time in this particular industry.  So, with the debt gone and a few dollars in the bank I’m going to take a gamble on myself and a few ideas I’ve developed since arriving.

The last time I set out westward I was extremely sick, and pretty down after all the negative changes in my life.  Sure I started up a business and gave it a good college try, but until 2010 I was still a mess medically and was not operating at 100%.  Today I can say I am at 100%, my confidence in my abilities is 100%, and I think this will work.  If it doesn’t…..I have some fall back positions.

So, what’s next?  A quick trip to New England to see my family again.  After that, packing up and rolling out.  There will be some travel in a few weeks, and an active blog again.  The wait is almost over.

And now, with all this written down……  It’s time to clean out my office.

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  1. This is great news. The wide openness of the “West” is addicting…vast, unpopulated places where one can be alone, a visual circus. It’s where landscape photographers either belong, or, long to be. Good for you…good for us, your readers.
    Box Canyon Mark

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  3. Sounds exciting Rich! Glad to see you’re out chasing your dreams. I will be interested to see what ideas you have developed. You have always been one of the smartest guys I have ever known.

  4. I’m looking forward to your return west and a more active blog. Do you still have your HP and Canon wide printers?

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