Act Now Before It’s Too Late!

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With this post’s title I bet your wondering if I’m going to start off spouting about a limited time offer. Only available on TV…’ve only got 3 hours to call in…..etc.

Hey, I haven’t been influenced by the spirit of Billy Mays or something…… 😉

This is a serious note to anyone and everyone interested in ghost towns like I am.  It’s something I forgot to mention the other day…….

The Vulture Mine Ghost Town isn’t going to be here forever!  Gasp! I know, you think I’m joking around, but I’m not.  And I saw a disturbing scene on Sunday that really bummed me out when I first arrived at Vulture.

One of the main walls to the Assayer’s office, which was perfectly fine a few short weeks ago, has started collapsing in a MAJOR way.  Between the rains and winds over the past few weeks the “adobe like” wall on the southwestern corner of the building has crumbled.  Almost the entire corner has collapsed into a pile.

Now, for those familiar with my Vulture photos you probably realize that I actually took several pictures for the band Sweet Nasty inside the Assayer’s office.  No, I’m not crazy.  I figured the stability of the room we were in was still good, and that we’d better get a few shots in there while we still can.

So, what’s the point of all of this?  Simple, if you want to see an amazing piece of Arizona history I’d suggest visiting sooner, rather than later.  Just a suggestion……

Oh, and if you want to come along on the next Vulture Mine / HDR workshop there’s still 3 slots open!  There’s a great way to see Vulture before it all collapses!  🙂

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