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Another image from the Sweet Nasty photoshoot. Still working out the edit.

Well, it’s time to update what’s happening with workshops.

The first Vulture Mine / HDR Workflow weekend was a success.  We had a great tour of the Vulture Mine Ghost Town, took some really cool images, and had a great follow up class on Lightroom, Photomatix, and Photoshop.  The next workshop will see some improvements, and also add some more fun stuff on the software side of day two.

I’ve decided that before the real heat gets here there will be one more Vulture HDR workshop this Spring.  Since I’ve had the date requested by two clients it is now set.

April 10th & 11th.  For more information on the workshop and to sign up, just follow this link.  The whole workshop is explained, and the signup is at the bottom of the page.  I’m using Paypal for signups, so it should be easy for any interested parties.  Keep in mind, there are only 3 slots left, so signing up sooner rather than later is advised.  I will not be doing any more workshops at Vulture until the Fall when temperatures are reasonable and I don’t worry about participants dropping due to heat stroke or something!  🙂

Additionally, I’ll be adding a testimonial from a recent client who thoroughly enjoy his visit and the workshop.  John signed up for the first workshop early on, and we had a great time both days, even when we were chilled walking around Prescott in the rain / snow on day 2.  Surprisingly enough, he runs one of the larger online printing companies, and I was very surprised to have him along for the day.  After we’d wrapped up he let me know that he’d write up something about his experience if I liked, and of course, I said yes.  Let me tell you, these are a lot of fun!

By the way…..I’ve also popped up another Vulture Workshop for the Fall.  Haloween falls on the weekend this year, and wouldn’t it be so cool to shoot a Ghost Town for Haloween?  The sign up for that is also on the Vulture page linked above.

White Pocket Coming Up!

There are only 3 slots for the White Pocket Workshop in April.  So far, no sign ups.  Then again, I know the word hasn’t gotten out everywhere yet.  This location is one of those, “Once in a life time” type places.  You’ve still got a few weeks to sign up, and clicking this link will get you all the information you need.

There’s going to be an earlier workshop at the end of this month that you can’t sign up for.  See, I’m running the program by another well known photo blogger who will be coming along.  Maybe even two well known photographer / bloggers will be coming along……..  We’ll see!  🙂  But I figure the inaugural trip would be fun with other folks who do similar things.  That way I can get other ideas for what would make future clients get the most out of the event!

How about something completely different?  A one of a kind workshop with Robert Jamason

Regular readers know that I’m a fan of Rob Jamason’s work.  And I’ve had the privileged to do a good deal of print work for him.  I think his stylized lighting, post processing, and final product is just something very different indeed.

Well, talking with Rob this morning I discussed an idea I had with him for a workshop of his own.  A workshop on Lighting Techniques and Working With Models here in the Granite Dells.  A few of my favorite images of his were shot in the Dells on bright sunny days, but you just wouldn’t know it with the way he lights the shots.

So, Rob’s thought was pretty simple.  He’s going to cover lighting, field setup, and working with models in the Dells on day one of the workshop.  He popped the “working with models” part in because he’s had so many photographers asking him about finding models, working with them, doing the shoots, etc., that he thought it would be integral for participants.  Day two will be an indoor setting where you’ll get to see Rob’s workflow, post processing techniques, and talk further about working with models.

The suggested two day event would be April 17th and 18th, 2010.  He hasn’t set up a link on his site about it yet, but suggested I go ahead and pop the idea up here.  If you’re interested, please leave a comment.  Rob wants to gauge a larger audience regarding the interest level.  If you’ve got any curiosity about it pipe up!  He’ll be making a decision about it before the week is out.  Oh, and he will take 6 participants total to keep the number manageable and make sure that everyone has some hands on time with him.

There’s the wrap for the moment

Well, that’s about it for now.  I’ll be planning a few Granite Dells workshops in the coming weeks, and a Grand Staircase Escalante workshop as well.

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