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What caught my eye here as I was driving along winding curves up and down hills wasn’t the old barn. They’re a dime a dozen. It was the discarded mattress in front of the barn that stopped me and made me pull off the road.

It’s been 2 weeks since I arrived with the Airstream.  Currently I’m in Ohio, but the contract I’m on has me between Ohio and West Virginia.  I’m adjusting, but it’s taking a little time.

The job is going okay.  Not what I used to do, but enough of my skill sets are useful, so I’ll settle in.  In the end it’s all about process, and I have a knack for figuring out and improving process.  Seeing the start point through the end, finding ways to improve getting from point A to point B, and cutting the workload where I can.  Always been good at that with clients who have a specific end goal (like building a network for instance).  Since arriving I’ve already started designing a new stand alone database, working on mail servers, and driving the back roads.  All part of the job.

With my business I always tried to create a workflow process for myself, but never quite got there.  Looking back I realize what was missing.  The clients with end goals.  You have to get them in the door before you can work through your process.  That’s part of where I fell down.

As I’m adjusting to my new surroundings I’ve got the camera along with me.  This is going to be a learning process here.  No large vistas.  No poppy multi colored landscapes.  Mostly gray and overcast, more rain than I’ve seen in 6 years, and a lot of decay.  Yeah, the photography will have to adjust too.  Right now everything I’ve been shooting is broken down, given up, and pretty dark.  Might just be my mood while missing the sun.  We’ll just have to see what evolves.

In the meantime I’ve got to start thinking about processes again, put on my database hat, and head out into the rain once more.  Ah, clearly defined goals and a steady paycheck.  I think I can see past the rain……..


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  1. Saturday, it was dark and dreary in Phoenix. So I turned on the lamp with a 300w bulb, and turned it on full, and left it on all day. I think it did help a wee bit.

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