The Airstream Boondocking Trip Continues

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Whispy AZ Clouds

No matter where in Arizona you are, the sky is always amazing!

Over the course of the past week the Airstream has been only to boondocking camp sites.  No hookups to be had.  See, we’ve been checking out the Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVAs) in AZ and CA.  Definitely something different when it comes to camping and Airstream boondocking…..  My normal boondocking trips are always to locations unknown to many, and often have very few sites available to RV’s.

Our first LTVA, in Quartzsite, wasn’t the type of place that I personally would want to stay at for a long time.  Sure, it’s really cheap to stay there, but what of it?  When we set out to camp and do the off grid thing I personally don’t think I should be hearing constant traffic noise from a highway.  That’s fail number one for me when it comes to getting away!

Fortunately our second LTVA experience, Imperial Dam, is fantastic.  Set far enough away from Yuma so you don’t get everything that comes with a city, and far enough away from any highway as to hear nothing, this is a great boondocking location!

Over at Living In Tin (the sister site to the Airstream Chronicles) I popped up a week in review wrap up.  It’s a complimentary article, so you don’t have to subscribe to see it.  Take a look!  So far, a week of boondocking has been pretty nice.

Airstream Boondocking Continues….

A few more days of enjoying the Imperial Dam LTVA will be in order.  And from our current location we’re looking at Organ Pipe and the Sonoran Desert National Monuments.  Ah yes, we are still documenting the National Monuments of Arizona and the Southwest, it’s just taking a little longer since we have to work in between visits! is where we’ll be putting up the larger articles, in a sort of online magazine / ebook style.  As we were unable to secure funding to launch our book campaign earlier in the year we decided this would be the best route to accomplishing the same task.

For current subscribers and future ones, we have a suggestion.  If you’re using Living In Tin for guidance visiting these locations, you’re welcome to save pages from the site in order to view them offline.  Something like an e-book, eh?  You can learn more about the iPad app that does this here.  And the similar Android app is here.  I’ve tested them both out, and they work very well!


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