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Classic Airstream at Imperial Dam

No Netflix streams to this retired vintage Airstream

The number one way to make a RV Park owner or Park Manager’s eyes bug out?  Say Netflix to them!

Today we’re stopped off in a normal park in Ajo, AZ.  Taking a day off from the boondocking to get some laundry done, refill the tanks, etc.  Tomorrow back to the boondocking!

Registering at the office today the woman at the counter was beyond super friendly.  So of course we got to chatting as she told us about the park, the cable access, and the now obligatory “Free Wi-Fi” that all parks offer.  I responded, “Oh, we don’t use cable at all, but might use Netflix.”

It’s fun to watch folks when you say something scary and terrifying.  Having the effect on people equivalent to telling them, “The Walking Dead is real, and at your door,” might seem a little cruel, but really it isn’t.  Saying Netflix at a park usually elicits saucer sized eyes, instant brow sweat, and often people dodging under the counter in the way they would if someone pulled a weapon.  And for our poor host today, we saw the whole reaction.

“Oh, well you might not want to use the Wi-Fi for Netflix.  It only takes a couple of people to bring the whole system down!”

Ah yes, it continues at parks across the country.  Free Wi-Fi is something you say you offer.  Functional Wi-Fi is something 93% don’t really offer.  Sure you see the signal on your computer, but it’s just a tease you know.  Download text only e-mail, browse drab websites that offer no images, and perish the thought you might stream a video to your computer.

Don’t be cruel.  Bring your own LTE network along with you.  Otherwise you’re gonna rock a boat.

So, while we sit out an unusual rain storm (unusual for this time of year) in Southern AZ, we’ll have to watch our Netflix over our own Wi-Fi.  I have no interest in bringing the zombies to my door or anyone else’s for that matter.  🙂


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