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Over the past few months the blog changed gears away from travel and the Airstream and toward earning a living while on the road.  And I’ve received a few private e-mails asking when the blog would move back to the travel focus and away from the mundane life stuff.  Sadly, this blog is not 100% all Airstream all the time.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.44.32 AMBut I’ve got great news for those who really only want the Airstream and travel part.  This website is pretty darned modern, and it includes categories.  Those categories cover different things.  So if you only want Airstream posts you can get them!  On the right hand side bar, part way down is a nifty little drop down called “Categories.”  And in that drop down is the category, “Airstream.”  I’ll even provide a nifty little screen shot.

Readers can also look at a particular month if they’d like to under, “Archives.”  See, I told you this website was pretty darned modern!  And nifty too.

A Full Time RV’ers Blog

Really, this website is a full time RV’ers blog.  Since 2006 I’d been documenting travels and full time living on my old site, and then on this one since 2008.  And the reality of full time RV living is the fact that there is the “living” part that goes well beyond just travel and nifty tips on how not to get black water all over you when dumping your tanks.

The “living” for many full timers means working while on the road.  Managing finances while traveling comes in too.  And overall, trying to work from a small space pops in regularly.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.50.53 AMSo yes, while I’d love to bring 24×7 travel to you, often this blog will cover other things beyond the Airstream itself and daily travel.  For those who are retired or have some amazing revenue stream?  You have my envy, and hats off to you.  For the rest of us, I think this blog is a pretty good reflection of the reality of full timing when you’re not yet at retirement age!

In response to those who just want the Airstream stuff and the travel, click the drop down!  For those who want a little more, just keep reading along with this site.  I sprinkle in a little bit of everything.  And if you’re thinking about full timing and working from the road, I’d suggest reading everything here.  There’s some good stuff.

Living In Tin

Finally, don’t forget the launch of our new site, Living In Tin.  If you just want travel articles, guides, and some stunning photography you can pop over there and subscribe to the site.  For December several interesting articles will be going up.  We just posted a “boondocking basics” over there, we’ve got several guides to amazing locations, and the site is still growing.

And yes, it’s a subscription site.  That whole idea rolls into the idea of making a living while on the road!  🙂  But I can promise you, it’s a site that you should keep an eye on as it’s only getting better with each passing month!

Honda Generator for an RV

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