Warmer temperatures, warmer Airstream

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Ah yes, Prescott is behind us and the warmer parts of the Southwest are in front of us!  Great to have the wheels rolling once again.

For the past few days the Airstream was parked at a favorite boondocking spot, Vulture Peak.  Warm temperatures, Saguaros all around the Airstream, coyotes serenading us in the evenings (right next to the window)……it’s good to be able to move home base now and again!  And better yet, to move it where the temperatures are just right!

Tonight we’re south of Vulture Peak.  For the next few days we’ll be researching the LTVA’s of the southwest for then next article over at Living In Tin.  Tonight I actually posted a new premium article for subscribers there on Boondocking Basics.  It’s amazing how many RV’ers I’ve met over the years who have never boondocked!  You’ve got a self contained portable home, and you never tried your batteries, going off grid…..nothing.  What a shame.

If it weren’t for needing to continue a revenue stream (ie work), the Airstream would definitely land in more boondocking locations every year than it does now.  Pulling out into the desert and not being surrounded by other campers (unless by choice) is awesome, and I think everyone should give it a whirl at least once.

So yes, a whole article introducing people to boondocking is live at Living In Tin.  If you haven’t checked out that sister site to this one, pop on by there today and give it a once over.

Keep watching as the sporadic updates come in.  Currently we have 4G LTE, so connecting to the Internet is easy.  Our next LTVA stop might not be as network ready.  You just never know.

Oh, and if you’d like to know what an LTVA is, we’ll be posting a larger article over at Living In Tin in a few weeks.  🙂



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