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As our next job approaches I’ve started planning the trip across the U.S.  Simply put, I’m going to take the “slow boat,” across the country.  So long as I leave myself enough time there’s no need for insane mileage every day.  Here’s what I’m thinking so far.

  • Two weeks in Prescott for some Airstream remodeling and visiting with friends.  Also I’ll be sitting down with a potential client about a long term web project for his business.
  • Cortez Colorado for a week.  A new video about La Mesa RV Park will be put together, and I’ll get to catch up with the owner and see how they’re liking their new web presence.
  • 6 or 7 days of a slow drive to New England.  The idea is to avoid the interstates.  I’m thinking “Blue Highways,” as much as I can do it.  Looking at the maps I think I know my route.

Over the next few days I’m actually going to make a plan for the ride across on Blue Highways with my AllStays App.  I’ll be looking for small RV parks along the way.  The places that are off the beaten path.  It should be fun.

Thinking about business

As I travel, I’ll make sure to drop off cards with every park I stay at.  They might not want my services today, but they will need my services eventually.  RV Parks get a ton of traffic and visibility on the web.  And parks that aren’t keeping up with the way guests find them could quickly realize that they are not finding “new” customers.  When it hits the bottom line I think people will come around.

It’s funny though, parks understand tech is important to a degree.  What park doesn’t offer “Free Wi-Fi” these days?  Not many.  And sure, a lot of the parks’ Wi-Fi sucks.  We all know that.  But if park owners realize that RV’ers want their Internet, how come the lightbulb doesn’t go off that their guests are finding them on the net too???

Mobile Website Design for RV Parks and Resorts

The graphic above is the latest front page slider over at my business site.  Hopefully it will help to illustrate my point, and better yet, help owners realize that we can help them out a lot.

Well, I can’t wait to get on the road, see a few new places, and get busy on the latest projects!


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