Airstream at Organ Pipe National Monument

Wrapping up and getting ready

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Ah, the Airstream will be moving again soon.  And you know what that means……

Photos, blog posts, videos, etc.  They’ll be back.  And that will be good.

Our time in the Phoenix area is just about done, and the timing couldn’t be better.  They’re calling for 91 degrees tomorrow.  That’s getting toasty for the end of April.  So moving to cooler climates is on the agenda.

The start of May will find the Airstream in Prescott for a short stop over.  A small Airstream construction project will be undertaken, and the dinette will be removed and scrapped forever.  I’ve always dug the benches and dinette in the International CCD model, but I’ve hated the Safari’s dinette for 10 years now.  It’s time to go.  And it will be replaced with a wrap around workstation for multiple monitors, computer, printer, and drives.  We’ll be putting some simple storage in that should actually add to the overall storage in the Airstream.  And it’s all going to come in for under $1,000.00.  At least that’s what I’ve been told.  😉

After we get that all squared away the Airstream will head back to Cortez for a week to do some additional work for La Mesa RV Park.  It’ll be good to pop through there again, and should be a fun week working with the owners.

Finally, toward the end of May the Airstream will be pointed East.  I can’t believe that the Mississippi will be crossed again.  I think this will be the 8th time it crosses the Mississippi!  10 years of ownership, maybe it should be 10 crossings.  I’ll have to ponder that.


On the water in New England. Yeah, let’s hope for sunny days and cool nights with 0% humidity.

We’ll be back in New England for about a month.  Looking at a small contract for an educational and informational website for a client.  Videos, photography, php programming, site customization.  Not your typical website.  Yup, June will be a busy month indeed.  And after June?

Your guess is as good as mine.  Simply put, going where work opportunities take me.  So we’ll just have to see what gets found next.

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  1. Richard – I heard the good news. Looking forward to seeing you again this summer. We’re going to have some fun!!!- Myles

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