An image that won’t be used, but I like it

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Here we are on a Thursday afternoon, 75 degrees out, overcast skies….and I’m inside being dull.  Today is sort of a day off…..  But I don’t do well with totally idle days.  I always feel like I’m slacking.

Of course I spent a good part of the morning sorting, selecting, flagging, and ranking images.  And then I went back through those selections and pared them down again.  That’s what I do.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  My workflow is pretty ironclad, and I rarely deviate from it.

Yesterday’s shoot was a lot of fun.  The Desert Botanical Garden makes for a great place to take images and work folks into the images.  And the client for the day was enthused about a visit to the garden.  It’s a pretty place to be sure!

While setting up and getting my light tests done I always include my subjects.  It warms them up to shooting, it gives me a few moments to get my bearings, and it lets us start working on our relationship.  Our model for the day had a great sense of humor and went along with me on a few light setups where I broke out my Color Checker Passport, and I jokingly said, “Sell it to me…..,” which she did.


Given the number of shoots we’re doing, and all the “post” work, I always avoid putting up the gems until the project is done.  Today I’m bending my own rules as the image above is a “throw away” shot.  It won’t be used in the project, it was frame #4 in setup, and it represents us getting ready to really shoot.  With all that said, it came across really nice.  And she did sell me the Color Checker Passport.

Half way through the shooting now, and then my clients get to select what we’re going to roll with.  So far I’m enjoying the process, and I think everyone else is too.  Best part?  No “Spray and Pray,” shooting.  Planned, executed, no time wasted….all the stuff that I like.  And the client walked away with a smile!

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