Airstream and Saguaro

Where to next?

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There’s the big question.  As work continues in the Phoenix area I’m wondering all the time, “What’s the next direction?”

Short term I know the answer.  In April the Airstream will be parked in Prescott again for about 2 weeks.  While there the Airstream is going to get a bit of an interior makeover.  The dinette is getting ripped out.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do since 2006, but I’ve never had the guts to do it.  Finally this year the dinette will be removed and replaced with a wrap around workstation.  Scary!

I’ve never liked modifying cars, trucks, homes, or the Airstream.  If you get it wrong you could screw up.  Fortunately I’ve got a great friend and cabinet maker who promises we won’t hurt the Airstream, and I’ll finally have the workspace I’ve always wanted.

So, there’s the start of April, but beyond that?  We’ve been contacting parks all over the Southwest and so far no additional interest in mobilized websites.  The next course will be set by the next park that responds to us.  And if no further responses are forthcoming?  Well, I could always go back to WV and contract again.

I’m actually finding the process of getting businesses interested in mobile websites.  RV Parks cater to some of the most mobile people in our country.  And with over 8 million households owning RVs, you’d think they’d want to maximize their potential reach.  Bottom line, I don’t think many park owners look at a website as an investment.  And the website is an investment.  It’s not just a billboard on the information superhighway.  It’s a way for guests to interact with you before they ever pull in.

As I’ve said before, park owners who also RV understand the value of mobile websites very well.  Park owners who don’t leave the park?  Yeah, they are really out of the loop on this one.

Where I’d like to go next would be Page, AZ, maybe over toward Kanab, UT as well.  We’ve reached out to the parks in the area and no response yet.  From there I’d like to head to Colorado, and then start making a path across the US back to New England for the summer.  I would love to fix the park websites back in my childhood hometown.  Sutton Falls, Holbrooks, Kings Campground, and Manchaug Pond Campground.  All 4 parks could really use new sites, and none of them are setup for mobile devices today.

If you know of a park that could really use an online makeover, please pass along their information!

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