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This morning I’ve been working on another new article for  That’s the sister site to the Airstream Chronicles now, where we do more in depth travel guides, photo tutorials, and more.  The site is really coming together when it comes to content, and I’m happy where it’s going.

Living In Tin's Latest Posts

Living In Tin’s Latest Posts

Travel, Tutorials, Photography…and Living in Tin

Living in Tin is growing into something more than what it started out as.  Initially the site was created as an online e-book travel guide for RV’ers and campers.  But as I’ve worked on the site, and worked on developing guides to the National Monuments of the Southwest I’ve found I wanted to do more.  Sharing amazing images is one thing this site, The Airstream Chronicles, is well known for.  And Living In Tin takes the images to a new level with the layout and formatting.  But I wanted to take it beyond just that…..

If you haven’t stopped by Living In Tin lately to check it out, we’re adding much more than just travel guides.  We’re now including photography guides and tutorials.  We’ll be doing more tutorials on the software we use while on the road for managing and post processing all of our travel images.  And we’ll be talking more about travel photography in general.  Just this past week I put up a very lengthy article on selling your travel images in a gallery setting.  And I think I know a little about that after being a gallery and studio owner for over 4 years.

The Latest at Living In Tin

So, what’s been posted recently at Living in Tin?

That’s just a sampling of what’s up at Living In Tin.  And the site will be growing.  This month we’re planning to post on Tuzigoot, Montezuma’s Castle, and the surrounding area.  We’re also planning an article on the basics of good travel photography, so the next time you’re visiting an amazing place you’ll have some new ideas on the images you want to capture.

Subscribe today….it’s more reasonable then you think

Recently we updated the subscriber costs at Living In Tin.  You can subscribe for 1 month for $6 (a trip to Starbucks), or for a full year for only $49.  When I used to run my intro to Lightroom Class the rate for the day was $79.  My full class on Lightroom is available at Living in Tin, and is part of any subscription.

If you think that’s a little pricey for travel guides and travel photography tutorials, you should check out the launch of SeeUniversity.  One year membership is $497, Lifetime membership $997, and VIP membership is $2997.  I was going to sign up as I admire the photographer who runs it and his work, but $500 for a year is a little steep.  Instead, I think I’ll continue with what we’re doing for readers over at Living In Tin.


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