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Over the years I’ve accumulated some pretty amazing images.  And since I’m no longer showing in any galleries, none of the images are being sold.  Last week I had the idea of doing some limited edition prints of some of my favorite images.  So here we are, announcing something new at the Airstream Chronicles.

Limited Edition Metal Prints

Going forward on the website I’ll be listing a few limited edition metal prints over time.  Each image will have a run of only 25 metal prints each.  Once we’ve hit 25, no further prints of that image will be sold (in any print format).  The metal prints come ready to hang, and are pretty amazing to see in person.  Sizes and prices are:

  • 12×18 – $75.00
  • 16×24 – $125.00
  • 20×30 – $175.00
  • 24×36 Metal Mural:  $275.33

No matter what the size, once 25 metal prints of an image have been created, the image will be removed from my sales site, and no further prints of that image will be created for resale.

Selling Images Online

Over the years I’ve had potential customers comment on the color quality of images listed at my sales site.  One potential client told me they’d love one of my prints, but that they’re too dark.  That assessment was incorrect.  The image wasn’t the issue, their monitor settings were the issue.  And that makes selling prints online a little difficult.

Before offering any image for print I make sure that the image color quality looks great in final printed format.  Not too dark, not too bright.  Unfortunately, that cannot be relayed on every monitor out there.  If you don’t have a properly color calibrated monitor I don’t know what you’re seeing.  But I can promise you, I’ve already checked the final print quality, and you will be wowed.

Want to have a good idea of the actual color quality of the prints?  Check out the images on an iPad or iPhone with the brightness turned to 100%.  That will give you a good idea of the color quality.

The Dells Defined

R.L. Charpentier Photography: Limited Edition &emdash; The Dells Defined

The first limited edition print to be offered here is an image that took me years to capture.  Sure, for many years I lived right next to Watson Lake in Prescott.  But just being right there doesn’t mean you get the shot you want immediately.  In fact, it took 4 years to get the lighting exactly how I wanted it.  And this image is the result.

Yes, I have hundreds of images from the Granite Dells and Watson Lake.  Out of all of them, this image shows the Dells as I know them!

Clicking on the image above will bring you to my Zenfolio site (my image sales site), and to the ordering information.  I sure would like to see some sales go through, as we’re still trying to fund work on the National Monuments of the Southwest.

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