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And we’re walking, and we’re walking…..

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Alright, somebody needs to tell me what comedy movie that’s from.  It’s been driving me crazy for days….I can just come close to remembering and it slips away!

Today was the day of the photo walk.  And it was a great day for sure!  Some really great people turned out, we had a great time meeting and greeting, and then we headed out on a shorter walk of Prescott!

People started showing up at our starting point around 8:15 a.m.  Everyone started in with introductions, camera talk, and talk about the area.  As people showed up I handed out little maps I’d printed out (for the folks from out of town).  I’d also put a link to the Flickr page associated with the walk.

By 8:30 we had a full house, with a few people still filtering in.  I walked around and let everyone know they could start taking shots if they wanted to, and that we’d leave the museum area in 15 or 20 minutes.  It was pretty funny.  Most folks stayed in the main group for a while talking, checking out cameras, etc.  The “meeting” part lasted a little long, but that was pretty cool.  Totally a social event!

We left Sharlot Hall a little later than initially planned, but once again, completely good.  I popped back and forth among people to let them know we’d be heading into town, and we slowly formed a group back together.  It was quite a scene heading along the side walk.  Tons of people with many cameras.

We stopped several times on the way toward Whiskey Row.  A couple walking a pair of standard poodles got to put on a show for a few photographers.  The poodles worked well, they sat, and they got to get the star treatment for a few moments.

By star treatment I don’t mean that we hounded them through the town taking their photos until they hopped into a limo.  There were no photo stalking incidents today that I saw…..

Part of the route picked (by me) involved the Whiskey Row alley.  Several folks had gotten ahead, and I caught up to let them know we were hitting the alley.  I’m sure that was a strange way to go at first, but I think everyone found some interesting things to shoot there (I’ll give you the flickr link shortly).  Looking through the initial photos I know there were some really cool shots in the alley.

We next hit the Firehouse Plaza, then Whiskey Row.  By that time the group had broken up a good bit, scattered here and there.  Ah, controlled chaos.  Fortunately everyone was informed we’d changed the end location.  Pangea’s Bakery was chosen this morning after some concern with group size.  Plans do change, and everyone was good with it.

I walked along Whiskey Row with a small group of photographers.  A large contingent had already broken off to the Yavapai Courthouse.  More shade, interesting things to shoot, and I understand why they headed there.  We made our way over pretty quickly as well.

By the time we got to the square it was almost time to wrap up.  Skipping a loop around one more block.  But we were all getting hungry, needed to sit for a spell, and it was warming up.  I passed along to folks that they could keep shooting after.  No rules on this, just a fun time with people that have similar interests!

Sadira and I had checked out the route a few evenings before.  I figured with a large group we’d probably stop, shoot, etc.  So I was ready for a shorter route.  I think it worked out pretty well!  🙂

We finally moved things over to Pangea’s.  Outdoor and indoor dining….lots of socializing.  All cool!

Personally I was happy to get to chat with everyone for a short while.  People really hit it off, and around most tables people were talking and enjoying each others company.  What more could you ask for?  Well, cooler temperatures, some clouds, lighting that wasn’t so harsh, streets free of cars so we could shoot buildings easier……

Alright, something of a list there!  😉

Finally we wrapped up for the morning.  It felt like a long time actually, but I was back at the Airstream by noon.  We grilled up some soy burgers, I off loaded photos, and the e-mails started coming in.

Approvals to join the Flickr group.  Approvals for photo adds to the Flickr group.  Flickr group questions.

Ah, there is more work to this.  The walk doesn’t end with the walk…..but it’s all cool.  This part is fun too.

This afternoon I had a question which I found to be super fun….

“Are we allowed to edit the photos before we submit them to the Flickr group?”

Ummm, are we allowed?  Big grin here!

The Worldwide Photo Walk was organized by Scott Kelby only a few weeks ago.  The point of the walk (beyond our fun) was to help bring attention to the launch of the Lightroom 2 Book by Scott Kelby (somebody in our walk will be receiving one soon).  Now, who is Scott Kelby?  Well, the guy is the editor for Photoshop User Magazine.  Oh, and he writes books about Photoshop, Lightroom, IPods, digital photography……I don’t think he has a cook book yet, but I could be wrong, he’s written so much!

So, can we edit?

Of course we can!

I think, given the launch of the new book, that we should catalog the photos with Lightroom 2, edit with Photoshop, and if we have a question, refer to a Kelby book!  😉  Wow, I should do PR work…..

Just kidding of course!  Rather build networks or take photos while traveling in an Airstream!

So, there’s the wrap.  It was a great day, and I sure hope everyone had fun.  Sorry the group went all over toward the end, but it was all good.  I think we rounded everybody up, and we met up again.  To anyone we lost.  I’m sorry about that.  Stay with the security officer at the front of the mall until your parents come to pick you up!  😛

There was also a discussion about doing one of these again!  I’m game!  Jerome, Sedona, Flagstaff, Seligman?  Anybody?  🙂

Oh, and Mike Young, great to meet you today as well.  We’ve only chatted through the blog for a few years, so glad you got to come up too!  Bring the Airstream on up and we can do some photos around the Dells some time!

Thanks to everyone who came along today!  It was a fantastic experience, and I hope it was the same for you!

By the way, the Flickr group can be reached through this link……some cool photos.  Keep checking back over the next two days to see what people submit!

Bet you thought I forgot that one, didn’t ya?

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  1. That would be Dave.
    Great movie!
    It was great fun today!
    Thanks for putting it all together! 🙂

  2. Thank you Oh Group Leader, for such a successful photo walk! I am just oogling all the great shots everyone got today over at Flickr, and I am mightily impressed for sure! I had a wonderful time meeting such a great group of people, and I for one…would love to meet up again (certainly for the flaming yellow leaves in the Fall at Oak Creek?? 😉 )

    Thank you for such a fun day Rich 🙂

  3. Huzzah for a job most well met Metal Boar.

    The Prescott Chamber of Commerce probably appreciates the extra business you brought into town.

    What would be a bland focal point of each of your pieces shines with your artistic touch. As an example, in the previous post of the wall mural, I missed your artistic changes to give it life.

    You might let Scott Kelby know of this website so that he watch you grow in your skills.

    Muchas felicidades,
    Larry Ko

  4. Hi Rich! Glad to hear you photowalk was a success! The walk here in Dunedin was great too. I’ve got some of my pictures up too, just look under the photowalk – dunedin group. Scott Kelby is a nice guy – I had lots of fun! It’s nice to get out there and meet other photographers and just start shooting with them. No snobbery or politics. Just getting together and having a great time! I can’t wait for next year’s! 🙂 Maybe I can make it out for the one there!

  5. Yes, I got some shots at the Dells, but had hoped for a more dramatic sky. I expected it given the way it behaved during the afternoon when Carlos, et al. were driven from the cover of our umbrella by the rain. Guess I’ll have to come back more frequently to get that perfect shot…a physical impossibility but one worth striving for.

    Look forward to the next walkabout, mates.

  6. Mike, bring the Airstream up for a while. Then you sit under your awning watching conditions change. When it’s right you set your snacks down, walk out into the rocks, and start firing away! 🙂

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