Can you be too tired to post?

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Most likely the answer is yes.  But I’d really like to have the new site (the one you’re reading) have daily entries.

Ah, this was tried at the original Chronicles too.  Eventually I’ll miss as day, you all know it to be true!

This morning I awoke to many Flickr requests of photo walk members looking to join the group.  Processed those.  Approved photos.  Looked at photos.  Looked at a few more.

Wow, there were some great ones.  More coming in as I type.

Since I was stuck at work today I didn’t get to approve new “join” requests.  Apologies all!  They’re approved now!  Hopefully the last round will be in my mailbox tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Ok, my brain is mushy.   Time for some sleep.  I’ll say more interesting in the a.m. (I’ll try at least).  🙂

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