Another Photo Walk for the Books

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photowalkgroup (1 of 1)

The 2009 Prescott Photo Walk Group

Well, that’s it gang.  The 2009 Photo Walk in Prescott is officially wrapped up!

Actually, it wrapped up hours ago, but I’ve been tied up with clients and visitors at the gallery.  I’ve finally had a few moments to sort through my photos, and you’re getting to see them here.

After doing the walk last year I learned that I’m not really photographing on one of these events.  I’m handing out maps, telling folks about places to go, checking in with groups as people split off to shoot, etc, etc.  But, even though I’m not entering photos in the contest or seriously shooting I did remind myself to take a few photos along the way.  I do enjoy taking pictures you know!  😉

So, here’s my offering from this year’s photo walk.  Just random and candid shots….nothing more!

Here’s hoping that a world wide winner comes out of Prescott this year!  Can’t wait to see everyone’s photos!!!

photowalkflower (1 of 1)

So many flowers available on this year's walk!

notadogwalk (1 of 1)

Photo Walk? I heard dog walk.....what gives?

mmmmmmm (1 of 1)

Pretty sure everyone photographed these.....and probably ate some too!

hdrphotographer (1 of 1)

A standard "Rich" HDR.... But notice, there's a photographer in there too!

hassayampa (1 of 1)

The Hassayampa saw many photo visitors this year!

garage (1 of 1)

Any vantage point will do for something different!

fountain (1 of 1)

It's Arizona.....water is good.

bwfamily (1 of 1)

The photographic family in the Whiskey Row Alley

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    Glad to do it Mike. Of course, I think next year I’ll hand the torch to someone else in town. Why? I want to enter the contest too. 🙂 Talk about cool prizes.

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s final photos.

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