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Another stunning evening in the Dells

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Every day I get home, make some dinner, and unwind a bit.  Watch a movie, read a book, play a video game, whatever.  And each evening, no matter the season, the Granite Dells has some kind of amazing light show going on.

Last night was no exception.

Over the past few weeks I’ve had several photographers stop into the studio and ask lots of questions about my new favorite Dells piece.  What time did I shoot it?  Where did I take the image from?  What lens did I use.  One guy went so far as to tell me he’d been out several nights in a row trying to get what I got that evening.  Do I worry someone is going to replicate the piece?


See, the light that night was amazing.  And the Dells is amazing all the time.  But I don’t know that you can ever replicate exact moments no matter what.  Last night for instance?  Very pink in the Dells.  A nice mood.  And the way the light played out created things that I might not see again.  For instance, walking home there was a green tinted cloud overhead.  No kidding, the cloud was green.  All that light play provides so many colors.

So, will I ever do another Dells like the one I did a few weeks ago?  Maybe there will be similar lighting when I’m out, but most likely the scene will be different.  Just how it works.  And honestly, I don’t need to replicate a great shot I already did.  But there’s always room for improvement and making an even better image………

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