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Anti-Tea Party Spammers Need to Stop Spamming Me!

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It’s a shame that I’m coming back from some time away to find my comment spam full of stuff about the Tea Parties of 9/12/09.

See, I wasn’t at a Tea Party, I was wandering around Northern Arizona and Southern Utah scouting some photo locations for a trip that takes place in 2 weeks.  Beyond that, I steer away from politics here…….oh, wait, I know why they spammed me (sarcasim).

In the past few months my site has been searched often for the term “Tea Party.”  Why would that be?  Uh, how about the “Fantasy Tea Party” that I photographed a few months ago for Sadira?  Yeah, that’s the tea party reference here on my site.  I’m not sure how you could find something political in that if you actually read the post.

And see, there’s where the issue comes up.  Over the past few months I’ve had multiple comment spams from people who are against the Tea Party movement, try to portray the folks as idiots, etc.  Once again, nothing on my post has anything to do with that.   But I ignored the comments and deleted them for the spam they are.

Then this weekend while I was trekking around Cottonwood Canyon Rd my blog took in a ton of “comments” regarding the tea parties, how violent and angry the people were, how dumb the attendees are, etc, etc, etc.  Once again, the post they were commenting on is from months ago and about a fantasy mad hatter tea party.  The only folks who seem “dumb” to me right now are these fake commentators using spam bots to attack sites with the words “tea party” in them.  Seriously guys, you should refine your search algorithms.

I will be filing complaints to those web hosts providing space to several of these comment spammers.  This has nothing to do with politics, but has everything to do with reducing the number of spam bots out there.  If folks want to engage in actual discussions all the power to them.  But having an automated web bot make phony comments on blogs that aren’t even involved in the discussion.  Yeah, crossed the line.

Before commenting, I suggest reading.  Who knows, through reading you might learn something… the fact the post you wanted to comment on wasn’t related to your comment.  And if you’d actually read the post you might have enjoyed the photos too!

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