Are mobilized websites really necessary?

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In talking with people about what I’m currently working on some folks question if there’s a market.  Do businesses really need “mobilized” websites?

Well, the modern RV crowd is getting technologically savvy.  We’ve got more and more people doing tech work on the road.  And many RV’ers have at least a laptop, maybe a tablet, and they’ve got cell phones at minimum.

This afternoon I took a read through the Pew Institute’s mobile internet research.  Some pretty interesting information there.  Currently here’s the numbers:

  • 91% of adults in America have a cell phone
  • 56% of them are smart phones
  • The bulk of the market is split between droids and iPhones when it comes to the smartphones
  • The current US population is 317,163, 715
  • Roughly 70% of the population is adult as of 2012
  • That means there’s over 200,000,000 adults in the U.S.

So, taking all of that into consideration we’re looking at more that 100,000,000 smart phone users currently.  That’s a lot of smartphones!  And that means a very large audience that’s growing when it comes to mobile internet.

Coming back to the original line of thinking……  Creating mobile ready websites, databases, and applications…..relevant?  Yeah, I think it’s extremely relevant.

Of course, my business proposition goes beyond just the mobile ready site for RV parks.  It also includes truly professional quality images for the parks, making them more visible in searches, etc.  Today’s RV’er is more tech savvy than ever, and more important, mobile tech is playing a more important role in their travels every day.

To those who doubt the importance of mobility now…..  In the mid-90’s many folks thought websites were a fad.  Then people thought only big businesses really needed websites.  A few years later people questioned the value of SEO.  Many people always find it necessary to stay well behind the tech curve, and often times it’s an expensive mistake in the long term.  Is there a market out there for me?

As Cheryl from Archer would say…..”Duh.”

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