Point of Rocks RV Park – Back to basics

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The Airstream has been parked at Point of Rocks for over a week now.  It’s good to see the park again!  It’s great to be in the Dells again.  Of course, this is all transitory.  In the not too distant future the Airstream will be hooked up and heading off for another job.


Walked around the park today checking out all the different sites.

After being here for a little while I’ve noticed some things I never thought about the park.  This is a very basic no frills park.  What sells it is the landscape, the hiking, and all the rest of the outdoor activities.  But as far as the park’s actual amenities?  Yeah, very no frills.


Love the sites that back right up to the rocks

For months now I’ve been thinking about how to help smaller parks reach a broader audience, and more importantly, a truly mobile audience.  Looking at parks across the country you run across a few key items.


Even the big rigs can pull in here

First and foremost, Free Wi-Fi in the park.  Point of Rocks really doesn’t have it.  They do have Wi-Fi at the office building at the entrance of the park.  The rest of the campsites have no coverage whatsoever.  For the “connected” RV’er, this is a little disconnected.


Additionally, no cable TV feeds in the park.  I don’t care about that at all, but for many folks on the road this is a must.  Also, limited 50 amp sites make it harder on the bigger rigs passing through.

The last time I lived here I didn’t really think much about any of these drawbacks.  Now after researching so many parks I’ve realized that there is a little missing here.

Fortunately, I love the Dells.  So what’s missing is okay by me.  To the well connected RV’er who has never stayed here before this could be a deal breaker.  Of course, with my bandwidth limitation and poor quality of service in the upper loop it is causing a little more difficulty than the last time I was here.  I do find myself wishing for the Wi-Fi back at La Mesa RV Park.


The cutest satellite dish setup I’ve ever seen in an RV park

With luck I’ll get my network issue resolved soon.  I’m working on it.

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