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As promised, more on Shady Dell

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dots-night-1For years I’ve heard about the Shady Dell Park.  Vintage Trailers on site rented out almost like hotel rooms.  A small RV park for those of us towing our own “silver palaces.”  But I never visited the place….until now.

After passing through Bisbee (for travelers going south from Tucson) you buzz by the Lavendar pit, then under a set of old railroad tracks.  You then come to the craziest traffic circle I’ve ever seen…..and if you’re not careful you could bypass Shady Dell.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.  Had to go around the traffic circle and come back around before I knew where I was going!

The park isn’t far from downtown Bisbee by any means.  Just a few minutes down the road.  Acutally, down a big hill.  🙂

I can say the new owners are pretty cool.  We met Jennifer at the office and she was expecting us.  I’d called ahead to make sure room was available, and it was.  Happy to hear that one.  But not too worried.  If not one place, another will always show itself!

The park is beyond “cute.”  It’s a throw back to earlier days for sure.  From vintage curtains to vintage trailers, this place really hits all the right buttons!

shadydell-1Along with the park sits a small diner named “Dot’s.”  Currently it’s closed for a little remodeling work, but it should be open soon.  It’s a shame really, I only got to shoot the interior through the window (hence the reflections).

Last night Sadira and I took the time to walk the park, shoot here, shoot there, and ooh & ahh at the great vintage trailers.  Each one seemed to be filled for the night, guests traveling in from far and wide to stay in a vintage trailer.

Guess I should count myself lucky.  While my Airstream isn’t vintage it’s still pretty darned cool!

So, if you’re ever planning a trip to Bisbee and you’re not sure where to stay, I’d suggest giving the Shady Dell a quick jingle.  I bet you’ll find the place beyond interesting!

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  1. Ohhhh…Ahhhh…There’s a lot of that going on when you walk around this park! This makes me want a little vintage tear drop so much more now… 😉

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