Back to work in the “Airstream Office”

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The "Airstream Office", aka the dinette.  I'd love a real desk some day!

The “Airstream Office”, aka the dinette. I’d love a real desk some day!

Over the past few weeks it’s been busy around here.  Not busy working with clients, but busy with so many things popping up here and there.  Birthdays, Thanksgiving, road trips for Living In Tin, and Christmas.  Now that everything has calmed down again (New Years isn’t a big thing around here) it’s time to dig back in and get back to work!

There’s a lot to be done in the next few weeks.  A new web client is on schedule for this week, and a potential client is in the wings.  A new national database project is beginning as well, but that’s going to be months in development.  Several articles are being developed for Living in Tin, and a new video tutorial will be going up over there too.  If you can’t tell, we’re gearing up for a busy and productive 2015!

Today I’ll be sitting at the dinette (aka my desk) for the majority of the day.  Sample pages for this week’s web client are being created, images are being selected, and I’ll be showing them a few layout options later in the day.  While I’m working on the new site I’ll also be compiling video in the background from the most recent boondocking road trip.  Glad my little Mac has enough power in it to crunch video while I still work on other items.

Today I’m wishing for a “normal” office.  The temperatures have dropped so low that even with the heat on, the Airstream floor is radiating the cold in.  And thinking about future destinations I’m really at a loss as to places to go that are warmer.  Bert Gildart got in touch yesterday to report 29 degree in Borrego Springs!  Wow, I’ve never heard of such low temperatures there!!!

Well, that’s it for this short update from the Airstream Chronicles.  It’s time to get back to work, and to put the space heater under the dinette so my feet can warm up!




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