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As many readers know, from 2007 through 2012 I lived in Prescott Arizona.  Full time in the Airstream I might add.  And during that time the Airstream spent the majority of the time at Point of Rocks RV Park.  It’s a pretty location, nestled in the Granite Dells.  If you like hiking, biking, rock climbing, and nature in general it’s a very beautiful location.

Over the course of my years at Point of Rocks I always wanted to fix their website for them.  See, it looks like a site built back in the 90’s when web design was in its infancy.  And given how beautiful the location is, the website just doesn’t do it justice!

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 7.56.23 AM

Point of Rocks Original Website. Time for a makeover!

So, this week Point of Rocks will be getting a major makeover.  Their website will be taken out of the 1990’s, and brought into 2014.  We’re going to keep it simple still, but much more attractive, easy to navigate, and eye catching as well.  After all, I have 7 years of beautiful photos from the area to include with the site.

Given the success of other RV Park Website clients, I know a new site will increase traffic to Point of Rocks as well.  We’ve seen some pretty amazing growth in RV Park Website visits for every client we’ve worked with who owns and RV Park.

After this, the next step for Point of Rocks?  Well, they’re investigating Wi-Fi throughout the park.  That’s going to take some time though.  Their landscape, the surrounding granite formations, and the size of the park all mean that there will be a bit of a challenge.  But it’s great to see the first steps being taken.  It’s a place I called home for quite some time, and I’m glad I get the chance to portray it as I’ve seen it for so long!

Check back next week and you’ll see the changes on their site!

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