Cheers to 2014, Hello 2015!

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Happy New Year everyone!  Well, not exactly yet.  It is New Year’s Eve here at the Airstream Chronicles.  And oh what an end to an interesting year.

The “Winter Storm Warning” for Arizona is still in effect.  For a while this morning we saw snow coming down at about an inch an hour.  And apparently a little more is on the way.  Fortunately here at the Airstream we’ve only seen a few inches, and it’s already melting off with a break in the storm.

The Airstream is nice and warm inside.  With a blower heater and an oil heater, plus the Airstream heat, it’s okay in here.  As usual though during cold weather, the floors are still radiating cold!  Other than that, pretty comfy here!

2014 was a productive year!

RLC Design

Well built websites really do pay off!

As with any year, 2014 had its ups and downs.  Good months and bad months.  Travel and work.  Moments where it didn’t look like we’d get through a month financially, and other months where we were a little too busy.  Sounds like typical life, right?  And so it was.

RLC Design did very well this year for our clients.  In total we worked on 9 websites and one commercial photography project.  The great part is we are getting noticed by clients now who realize that not only can we do an amazing job with the work they need done, but what we do is extremely effective in helping small businesses grow quicker than they thought with their Internet presence!  Tomorrow we start on the next!  And next week we’ll be talking with a potential web client about a much larger project.

With all that said, here’s hoping 2015 will find us scheduling more clients around the country!

Wrapping Up 2014

Living In Tin 2014 Photographic Year in Review

The Living in Tin 2014 wrap up. Be sure to check it out.

Over at our new site, Living In Tin, I posted a year in review post filled with images from the past year.  Travel, work, more travel…’s all there.  And if you’d like to see the images and the story of the whole year, follow this link to “Living In Tin’s 2014 Photo Review.”  You’ll enjoy it.

Oh, and for those who haven’t visited, Living In Tin was born out of our “National Monuments of the Southwest,” project that we tried to get funded this Fall.  Since we don’t have the funding to do a full book all at once, Living In Tin is the site where we’ll be building all of the information on RV’ing in the Southwest going forward.  Think of it as more of an E-Book project.  And 2015 will see a lot more activity over there, so be sure to check in regularly.

Looking forward to 2015

With 2014 behind us, we’re now looking forward to 2015.  More clients, more travel, more “Airstream in motion.”  With today’s information technology, you really can work from almost anywhere.  And you can live there too…..well, that is if you’re home is in tow right behind you!

Thanks everyone for continuing to follow along here at the Airstream Chronicles.  8 years of documenting full time RV living, start up small business, and just the act of living a little differently than the norm!  I’m thinking 2015 will be our most interesting year yet!


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  1. Glad you are doing well ol’ buddy! I love how you two rock on… in your own way. Fight the tin war PVP style my friends! 🙂
    Take care and wishing you both love,

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