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Be ready, you never know when you’re going to capture something cool! Day 3 Whiskey Row Off Road

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This morning I packed up the gear one more time.  Today’s race?  The Pros.  And let me tell you, they’re pros for a reason!

Getting out to Thumb Butte I found I was not alone.  Sure yesterday there were a few spectator / fans.  Today?  A huge group ringing bells for each rider.  Folks who rode yesterday came out into the woods to cheer today.  And once again, I got what I think are some pretty cool images.  The “moment” for me?  Two riders, so close together coming into the creek crossing.  One went the way that was the easier track (I couldn’t cross it, I’d wreck).  The other, who was behind the guy on the easy track?  Yeah, he went the hard way and it paid off.

Want to see?

#43 has the lead, but 64 is right behind him.


43 takes the track that everyone has been taking. Safer way.

64 goes for the middle. This is the way that jammed everyone else up.

Not only does 64 make it up the middle, it gains him ground ahead of 43

The "cutoff"

And there you have it. The pass!


Now these guys weren’t the leaders or anything.  But they sure were driving hard to get in!  Personally, I was blown away by every rider.  These guys are beyond serious.  This fun passing scenario kind of demonstrates how intense the whole race was.

I had a great time shooting, watching, and enjoying the show.  I’ll be posting a wrap up on the Off Road soon.  Oh, no edits in 99% of what’s been posted the past few days.  With the exception of that cool little poster I made you’ve been seeing what’s coming right out of the camera.

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  1. Of course they were sitting 4th & 5th, so there was something more than pride on the line in that little Battle of Miller Creek – namely cold, hard cash! Looking at the results, it appears that Decker (#43 on the Giant) got back around Cannondale rider Alders (#64) somewhere between there and the finish, which meant he went home with $500 instead of $400.

  2. Post

    Thanks Brad! Looking at the images today I realized that they were early in the pack. Didn’t realize there was still money on the line so yeah, reason to fight it out! 🙂

    Neat to hear the results for these guys. Bet they were close to the end!

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