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Black Friday’s Over!

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Yesterday was one long day.  No, I wasn’t one of those people camped out in front of my favorite retailer.  I don’t have a favorite retailer.

Instead, I was one of those people working yesterday.  We didn’t open the gallery at 3 a.m. or something.  While we’ve got great artwork at the Ian Russell Gallery, we don’t offer insane deals for folks during the time they should be sleeping.

Do you think anyone would show up at 3 a.m.?  Maybe that should be our new gimmick????

We were in the gallery by 8:30 a.m.  Cleaning, rehanging pieces, and getting ready for the 4th Friday Artwalk.  Interestingly enough, we had a steady stream of traffic all day.  Pretty cool.  Many folks wandering in, all walking over to Rob Jamason’s new wall.  That was exciting to see, and I’m glad to say, people seemed to enjoy Rob’s work!

Mid-day I took a ride back to the Airstream to get changed.  Messing around under counters, cleaning up dust, dirt, etc, left my outfit looking a little shabby.  Didn’t want to look messy for the evening.  I’m glad I live so close to the gallery, made for a quick trip!

The evening started a little slow, which is completely normal on 4th Fridays.  5 p.m. folks are dining.  And we were getting jazzed up.  After 6 the traffic really started coming into the building.

We remained open until 9 last night.  Lots of folks buzzing around, and some decent buying.  One large piece, an original, went out for one of our artists.  Rob Jamason sold his first piece in a gallery setting last night, then his second piece, and third…….we’re thinking his fourth will come today.  Sometimes buyers need to think on stuff over night.

All in all, a good day.  Now what do we do?  Hope for a good couple of weeks.  I can say, Black Friday didn’t get me in the black.  But we’ve still got time!

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  1. At least the day put you closer to being in the black – I was at an art fair today where a booth lost money and is now further in the red. The wind was whipping around so hard, I was amazed that there were any visitors. One booth was literally blown over with thousands of dollars of products destroyed. I felt terrible…
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..The Best Lens on the Planet! =-.

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    Too true Jason!

    Each year we have many art shows on the Yavapai Courthouse Square. The other year, one of the big ones (Phippen I think), had horrifying winds, downpours, the works. Tents collapsed, paintings were ruined, the whole 9 yards. Just not good for the poor folks showing.

    I keep thinking about doing an event on the square, and then I think about the weather and what could happen to my stuff! I hope you did well at the fair!

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