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  1. Well,money aside, I *really* think it’s time to get the damn glossy printing working, you just have TOO much time on your hands. LOL love the “playfulness” of the shot! Good luck on your printer repairs! Paul

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    Jason, I think I can do that. It’s going to have to be a very limited series though…..

    Jay, yup, I work on the Motor Lodge’s website, and I did several shots for them. Some of the images are their own too.

    Paul, resolution on the printer is forthcoming, and I’ll stop making low quality composites when we’re fully operational once again. 🙂

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    Quickly and poorly photoshopped to be exact. Didn’t take any time really blending or faking lighting. It was just one of those, “Hey, what would this look like?” moments. 🙂

    Of course, if someone would fly me to Hawaii, supply me with a red balloon, and find me the T Rex from “Meet the Robinsons” I’d be all over making a real version. 🙂

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